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S1666 Stenslien Lane Westby, Wi 54667
History Alive Project

About Us

David Amundson
Ruth Amundson

Founders Dave and Ruth Amundson, both retired school teachers, hold degrees in Education. The couple enjoy traveling, researching, and writing about local historical events. Dave and Ruth are both dedicated community servants, volunteers of the Westby Syttende Mai Festival and are committed to bringing history alive to Westby High School students through various presentations and hands-on activities. 


In addition, the couple has done, and continues to do programs for day-cares, elementary, and middle schools with enrichment activities where audiences are invited to interact.  HAP also does presentations for many adult organizations such as Sons of Norway, nursing homes, and conferences.


Dave, a Westby graduate, has spent over 2 decades working with the American Field Service Organization. He has taught Chemistry and A.P. Chemistry for over 30 years in local Wisconsin High Schools.  He is very passionate about all things history; he enjoys collecting vintage photos, historical research, photography and tennis.  Dave is also a co-author of “Fra Norge Til America Til Westby”, a book exploring the history of the Westby area.


Ruth is a Montana native who has found her home here in this Norwegian community with her husband Dave.  She was a junior and high school level science teacher for over 32 years, finishing at Westby High School.   She enjoys keeping in touch with many of her former students, and reading.

Their combined 60+ years of teaching experience and interest in local history have led them to this next chapter. The History Alive Project is a passion project; creating"out of the box" projects to discover and maintain the Westby area's history for community member of all ages. 

The History Alive Project is a non-profit 501c3 organization specializing in "out of the box" projects to discover and maintain the Westby area's history for community members of all ages. We welcome you and your ideas, no membership or dues required.

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