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Living History at its best!

If ever there was an activity that brought our Mission Statement to reality, our interviews at Norseland Nursing Home in Westby sealed the deal!

With activities director Angealic Kaye who selected our interviewees, History Alive Project volunteers brought their pre-approved questions to seven Residents and they did not disappoint the volunteers. The whole purpose was to collect firsthand memories of their lives. Questions on Residents' early school days, tobacco raising, and growing up in their pasts really hit the jackpot for discussion topics!

All answers were documented and will become entries in History Alive Project's collection of oral interviews. Future visits with the same crew are being planned in the months to come.

Today's activity held on August 7th is a new venture that had been on the HAP bucket list for over a year to get started. Certainly senior citizens in other facilities are being considered as we collect these treasures.

The photo shows three of the residents that took part with their names omitted, per privacy protocol. In the back row are HAP interviewers, Ruth and Dave Amundson.


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